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Company purpose:
Sincerity-based, service-oriented, confidential first.
Company Advantages:
1.A clear operation and planning ability
Shanghai Ao-Zhi not only has the ability to provide customers with data and information, based on the ability to have in-depth investigations, Ao-zhi also develops business operations and planning capabilities that can provide customers with more advanced business plans, and its business practices, such as commercial competition strategies and applications, supplier cooperation strategies and applications, commercial infringement prevention strategies and applications, etc. for enterprises to complete the project, to respond flexibly to changes, to ensure that the interests of enterprises to maximize.
2.Complete independence and rich industry experience.
Ao-Zhi is not associated with any industry or business, or close business dealings, and maintained a very good independence, so as not to breach any possibility of professional ethics, causing unnecessary losses to customers. Ao-Chi"s investigators are well-versed in various industries and have accumulated a wealth of industry experience.
3.Concise and accurate reporting and extension services
For the survey report, we think if give you a 500-page report, it will not get anyone looking for it on the shelves, so our report will be very concise and in a very suitable form to convey accurate and reliable Information. If needed, we can also help you produce a few new ideas in your business through training and technical support.
4.Reasonable price and excellent service
Shanghai Ao-Zhi Enterprise Management Co.Ltd. also has a reasonable price and excellent after-sales service, to ensure that we can answer follow-up questions at any time after submitting the investigation report, to until the customer satisfaction. We can tell you what we can do when we are unable to fulfill the service"s characteristics of the mission. Our credibility is so important that our approach to our clients is based on honesty and integrity, and we would rather lose our business than to harm our reputation.
5.Broad geographical distribution
Professional consultants in various fields, rich experience in overseas investigations, good and stable customer relationships, global business consulting agencies, the investigation team trained for nearly 10 years, close cooperation with strategic partners, flexible and tailor-made service solutions and successful stories accumulated from services for several multinational companies for the long-term.

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