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Foreign trade mail fraud is rampant, cross-border e-commerce sellers need to be cautious
In order to quickly obtain traffic or improve store exposure, some cross-border e-commerce sellers may run the risk of being banned by the platform and achieve their goals through some abnormal means. But these are illegal operations after all, and the seller will have some guilt. And recently, many criminals, it is the use of the seller's mentality, see the stitch to the seller for extortion.
Recently, some Amazon sellers revealed that some of the sellers around the Amazon platform have received the same type of blackmail emails: the other party disguised as Amazon internal employees, claiming that they have the evidence of the seller's store brush assessment, said that if they do not send a certain amount of fees to their account within the specified time, they will report to Amazon until their store is closed.
§ Falsely claiming internal employees to blackmail, sellers should be careful
According to its introduction, because the amount of extortion from the other party is mostly ranging from 50 to 200 US dollars, many sellers saw this email, holding the idea of spending money to eliminate the disaster, the money was transferred to the past, and it was extorted, but it did not help. In addition, in addition to the above phenomenon of blackmail by disguised internal employees, there are some other common types of blackmail, seller friends also need to be vigilant and beware of causing unnecessary losses.
First, the threat of malicious bad reviews
Some scams claim to be professional assessment companies, at first, novice sellers simply cannot find out which orders are from criminal gangs, when the order is completed, they will blackmail the seller in the form of email, saying that if you do not transfer according to the requirements, there will be a bad review in a short period of time.
There is also the buyer to exploit the loopholes of the platform rules, such as deliberate delay, deliberate not to do the receipt of goods confirmation and then on the basis of complaints and disputes such as not received goods, logistics delays, and so on, to ask the seller for compensation.
Or, after receiving the goods, the buyer deliberately exaggerates the wear condition of the products, hypes the damage of the goods and "inferior" pictures in the comments and messages, and even gives bad reviews without reason, resulting in the seller's DSR score declining, reducing the exposure of the store, in order to blackmail for compensation.
Second, assessment brush fraud
The first is to charge the cost of your product normally first, and then review the brush commission. Then wait a week or two, request a refund and return in the background, and make another profit.
There is also a normal charge of product evaluation costs and brush commission, and then keep the screenshot, said to go to Amazon to report violations, and then said to give him dozens of dollars can not be pursued.
Third, logistics fraud
One is to use the timeliness of the seller's delivery as a bargaining chip, start talking about the price is one thing, and then charge a variety of nominal value-added costs in the middle: sorting fees, operating fees, change packaging fees, etc., and if the seller does not pay, it is stuck not to go to the next step.
There is also the use of the opaque characteristics of logistics channels to tell the seller that the goods are detained by the customs and need to pay tens of dollars. When some sellers go to check whether there is any, they will lie that the online record is slow for a week, and they can see it for a week. How do sellers deal with extortion? Industry insiders said that Amazon's official staff will not charge sellers and delete the relevant brush assessment evidence, and will generally only send small red flags directly to sellers.
If the seller encounters the situation of malicious blackmail, first remember to retain the evidence, and then you can report to the official customer service of the platform for the record, and when looking for the evaluation team and logistics company, be sure to choose a professional team and compliance company, so as to avoid unnecessary losses caused by some small and cheap.
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