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Business due diligence
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Business due diligence
Business due diligence

The objective of the traditional business due diligence is to predict the performance of the enterprise in a market and competitive environment.
However, in some industries or sectors that are not transparent, or lack of reliable information in emerging market or frontier market, business surveys alone may not be enough to make investment decisions. The company combines the commercial due diligence with the political risk assessment and the reputation risk assessment to provide customers with a unique integrated investment due diligence method.

The integration method of due diligence Augus partners of the company will not reveal their business due diligence can match the undisclosed liabilities ability perfectly together, the so-called undisclosed liabilities including the investigation of historical stain (corruption and bribery), the surveyed enterprises and its responsible person"s reputation, political background and the influence of the future, returns for investors to accurately and realistically assess.

The commercial due diligence advanced analysis of information technology and high-level gathering together, the investigation report Augus partners company to provide background information needed to forecast sales growth, and based on the deep understanding of the purely commercial and political factors or credit problems, lists the various possible scenarios and carries on the analysis.

Case study: a European company has entered China"s logistics industry
A European company is planning to establish a joint venture in China, so he has commissioned a survey of Chinese logistics companies. Among 5 candidate China logistics companies, the customer"s investment team has chosen one of the key research targets. The professional staff of the company have analyzed the overall situation of China"s logistics industry and the main logistics enterprises from the commercial point of view. At the same time, it is also found that China is going to introduce a law that will make non-state-owned logistics enterprises in a disadvantageous position in some logistics fields. The findings have a direct impact on our business due diligence and forecast of the sales and business growth of the potential partners of the Chinese side. According to the survey, we made a comprehensive analysis of 5 Chinese potential partners and evaluated the future performance risk more accurately.

Case study: reducing the legal risk in MA operations
The United States XXX investment advisory company in the acquisition of domestic production enterprises, I entrust center first to the enterprise legitimacy and effectiveness, land and property rights and equipment constraints, the target enterprise of significant transactions, debt issues in-depth investigation, we have provided complete and detailed according to the requirements of the final the analysis report, so that customers very satisfied......

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