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Diligence solution
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In today"s business world, business opportunities are always associated with business risks. We help our financial executives, investment managers, directors of law and compliance affairs find and interpret complex information, and develop a comprehensive due diligence and compliance plan.

10 years ago, Ao Zhi founded the business background of due diligence in China, which provided intelligence and information for customers or their business partners to make informed decisions.

The market has changed, showing:
# Enterprises and financial institutions are facing increasingly stringent regulatory and compliance requirements. Their customers, business partners and suppliers must be properly screened and investigated conscientious.
# Growth companies are looking for business expansion opportunities worldwide, especially in emerging markets and high-risk markets.

In the background of this great change, Ao Zhi company is also changing. Now, Ao Zhi is committed to conduct due diligence in a unique way, to provide customers with a comprehensive solution, namely, from basic screening to the most complicated business background due diligence, so as to provide effective support services to meet the needs of customers.

The platform we provide provides the advantages of technology and programming innovation, which supports high capacity data storage and retrieval requirements, enabling users to get a growing number of public electronic information. It is perfectly combined with the professional knowledge of the long accumulated business background survey. This comprehensive solution enables our customers to invest in their due diligence and match the risk level they want to slow down, no matter where the risk comes from.

The company is the only enterprise that can continue to provide a full range of due diligence solutions at a competitive price around the world.

Why do you have to choose the Ao Zhi company?
# "Ao Zhi" is a legally registered enterprise of a government department. It can create a series of new solutions for our customers to create competitive advantages.
# We are the leading domestic companies to provide risk identification and risk mitigation consulting services
# Our business is all over the country, with unrivalled regional knowledge
# The professionals of the company have diversified work background and extensive experience
# We stick to the legal and moral standards
# The company has the ability to work in almost all of the cities in China
# We can respond to all customers" requests 24 hours a day

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Diligence solution
Commercial background diligence
Intensive diligence
Third parties and supplier screening
Compliance policy process consultation
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