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Commercial background diligence
Commercial background diligence
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Commercial background diligence

In today"s era, all kinds of financial transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, public offerings, joint ventures, private equity investments, venture capital and other investments, are facing unprecedented risks.

Although these financial transactions usually involve huge investments in capital and other resources, the establishment of these transactions is usually based on some expected benefits and projected profits, rather than a comprehensive consideration (including business relationship, management experience or financial data). Ao Zhi¨s business background due diligence team can make full use of the most complete database, and in-depth analysis of public records, and with the domestic and foreign elite networking, based on the face of the financial exchange to identify potential vulnerabilities and risks, in order to increase the probability of successful trading.

Over the past ten years, Ao Zhi has helped a large number of financial institutions, private equity groups, enterprises and their legal advisors to conduct a thorough and in-depth investigation of the expected transactions, minimizing their risks and ensuring the success of the transaction.

The company provides customers with comprehensive business background information and intelligence, including personal and corporate reputation, financial and business history, key non-financial information statements, litigation and dispute records, environmental responsibilities, and other actual or undisclosed matters.

We carefully distinguish false statements or non disclosure of significant facts, financial management and financial system problems, obviously exaggerated performance prediction or overestimate the amount of assets, not recorded or underestimated the amount of liabilities, management or operation of the major issues, and independent enterprise valuation. Through our research, we can identify any concerns of customers, so that customers can manage the identified risks, including adjusting or re pricing transactions, or even withdraw from transactions.

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Commercial background diligence
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