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Third parties and supplier screening
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Third parties and supplier screening
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Third parties and supplier screening

In today"s global business environment, many enterprises deliver some of the key business operations to foreign suppliers, which provides a significant business opportunity. Of course, this can also lead to new risks and not only to reputation risk. At present, enterprises must manage risks themselves and monitor and analyze business relationships to prevent all kinds of risks, from bribe to money laundering, from product recall to fraud. The third party and supplier screening solution for the AoZhi company By providing a systematic way of collecting business partners" information, verifying information, quantifying the main risks and conducting due diligence when necessary, we can help global enterprises and organizations implement compliance management against corruption. The high-tech platform we provide supports a variety of functions, such as information browsing, information archiving, and auditing, which can be used to complete third party and supplier screening in one step.

Integrated technology: Aozhi company provides the data management platform to the customer. Through this platform, customers can inquire about their business partners" situation, collect important information, information, reference materials and certification documents, and confirm that business partners are in line with the code of conduct and industry practices. More importantly, we provide the technical data and due diligence can be third party work flow together, promote the customer"s internal team (compliance, legal, security and other departments) and the communication between our research analyst, at the same time can also carry out complex compliance reporting and real-time access to key information.

High quality and efficient due diligence: Our research ability is the first in the industry. Over the past 5 years, we have completed around a thousand commissioned investigation projects around the world, providing survey reports to customers in more than 10 languages. Our business processes and pricing are also open and transparent. Before hire the Aozhi company The customer will be able to know exactly the information that can be found through the third party due diligence, the cost to be paid, and the time it takes to obtain the results of the investigation.

Strong professional team:Aozhi company has a strong team of knowledge-based expertise, and its members include a government turnover person with a wealth of business investigator compliance and industry experience.

Case study: manufacturers screen sales agents around the world
A leading industrial manufacturer in the world has invited Kroll to conduct systematic compliance and screening of all sales agents in the world by systematization and standardization. As a part of the action plan, customers want to review more than 10 thousand agents, to ensure that they comply with the code of conduct for customers; and obtain the overall situation, the company"s new partner management, compliance control, financial and other related information; in addition, to identify these agents may have the government membership information and legal actions.

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