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Competitor information collection
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Competitor information collection

For an enterprise, whether it is competing with established companies in the mature market, or enter new markets and unfamiliar local enterprises C the success depends on a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. Aozhi company collects strategic information that can help customers to gain competitive advantage in the market.

We have rich experience in many industries, and the survey business is all over the world, which allows us to accurately evaluate the competitive environment that customers are engaged in. We can identify and find out the key factors of customer competition to win in the competition, some factors such as political relations, government subsidies, market restrictions or even fraud, may constitute an unfair advantage. We can also identify and find the best legal operation methods in customer competition supply chain, which can produce higher profit margins or cheaper products.

When customers want to find a target or a joint venture, they always turn to the Aozhi company to describe the competitive environment. Especially in domestic and European regions, customers want to know its competitors in the government and regulators influence. When we are engaged in research, we strictly abide by the law and the highest standards of professional ethics. After the investigation is completed, we provide the customer with the information that can guide action, according to which the customer can make the competitive strategy and tactics.

Case study: to eliminate the competitive disadvantage of the enterprise in the food industry

A large global consumer company is worried about its business performance and main business indicators of its food business department (a small business department of the company) the performance is not very good and needs AoZhi company to help them.

After being commissioned, our professionals made an in-depth analysis of the supply chain (from procurement to customer management) of their food industry counterparts. Through close cooperation with the internal team of the customer, we have put forward comprehensive remedial advice to help customers set strategic priorities and eliminate competitive disadvantages.

Case study: redefines the product of a special chemical manufacturer.
A chemical product is facing new competition after similar products approved by the competitors they are seeking help from the AoZhi company. Through research, we find that the competitor has been contacted with hundreds of customers, many of them are interested in the product and intend to purchase. We have provided an early warning to our customers so that customers adjust their product supply and cost structure in time to win out in the competition.

Case study: competitors try to bring shame on a global packaging system supplier.
A global packaging system supplier hired Aozhi company to research its main competitor--- A Chinese company, The competitor said that our customers have unfair competition, and launched the media and marketing offensive for it. The professionals of the AoZhi company researched the reputation, ownership structure, management and historical business records of the company The survey results show that the competitor enjoys strong support from the government, but its business registration is illegal and there is a problem of cash flow, and there are similar attacks on the industry in the past. Using the information we provide, the customer effectively protects its market position
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