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Enter the market
Enter the market
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Enter the market

Entering the new and unfamiliar market will cause enterprises to invest quite a lot of resources, the company may face many unexpected risks, and not only lead to the failure of market entry but also may damage the global reputation of enterprises.

By predicting risk and providing guidance, AOZHI company can help companies enter into those countries that are not well built. In past 10 years, AOZHI company has been working to help customers expand their business and profit in the difficult market. With a strong information network, we provide customers with more extensive in-depth research and analysis, far deeper than the analysis based on publicly available information.

We have an accurate judgement of the information that is acquired domestically, with unmatched deep understanding, accuracy and credibility of information, and delicate balance between politics and commerce. The framework of our market entry strategy is based on exclusive research on relevant information. We focus on a comprehensive understanding of the competitive environment, identify and assess potential business partners, relevant personnel and regulatory agencies, and conduct a comprehensive assessment of the political, social, economic and operational risks. In some markets, the negative impact of illegal or unethical behavior will seriously hinder enterprise market development efforts, leading to long-term financial and reputational loss. Our local experts in the target market have considerable insight, and are good at identifying potential links between planned investment projects and illegal factors. Once the relevant risk is identified, we will immediately help the customer to develop an operation to manage these risks.

Case study: domestic direct investment from an Asian Bank
To expand its project financing business, an Asian bank plans to offer a $1 billion loan to a Natural Resources Corp. This Natural Resources Corp has a very big project in a new market. The bank not only focuses on the reputation of the borrower, but also its negative impact on the organization"s ability to organize syndicated loans. It also focuses on the government"s attitude towards foreign direct investment. Owing to the bank"s entrustment, Aozhi company conducted a related research. After research we find although the borrower had no bad historical records, the domestic political environment of the borrower"s country was much worse than which the bank expected. Accordingly, the bank has revised the terms and conditions of the loan.

Case study: assessing potential threats to an enterprise
A French company hired Aozhi company to assess the operational risks faced by a plant to be acquired by the company. This company hired academics, local government officials and other experts brainstorming, to understand the social environment, demographic data, race and religion of the location of the plant, and the interaction between policy makers, the media and civil society. The company has compiled detailed research reports, providing accurate analysis of key operational risks to customers, and providing guidance for establishing good labor and community relations.

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