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Commercial litigation and support
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Commercial litigation and support
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Commercial litigation and support

When business organizations and their legal advisers face complicated disputes, they always choose to entrust the company to investigate and provide the next step of action.

We can determine the accuracy of the reports and statements, analyze the complex situation, identify the hidden assets, find the witnesses, and evaluate the credibility of their testimony. We are a strong team of professionals around the world is composed of multi discipline to provide objective analysis of the facts, so that customers can effectively and quickly formulate action strategies, and decided to solve the disputes according to our recommendations: continue litigation, a negotiated settlement or seek non litigation settlement.

Through close cooperation with customers and their legal advisers in many industries, the company finds and interprets relevant facts with its first-class information gathering capabilities.

Our customer team with rich team members include a galaxy of talents, experience in litigation lawyers, law enforcement investigators, good work experience to find the secret information analysts, experts and forensic accounting, finance, economics and science and technology. When disputes arise, customers can make effective strategies based on the information we have obtained, and these data can also be used to make evidence for accusation, cross examination or negotiation.
Ao Zhi has helped many legal counsel in many jurisdictions, involving cases of damages and business disputes, unfair competition, employment, securities, intellectual property disputes and fraud cases. Other litigation services we provide include electronic proof and data retrieval, investigation accounting, commercial damage compensation assessment and expert identification.

Litigation support
When a commercial dispute leads to a lawsuit, the cost (including the cost of litigation and the loss of a business interruption) may be an astonishing number.
The professional knowledge, extensive skills and rich experience of Ao Zhi professional team not only help clients and their lawyers achieve their litigation goals, but also help them solve disputes quickly.

As a leading commercial investigation company, the company"s business Augus partners throughout the world, which means our investigators, technical experts, forensic accountants and senior analysts have the ability to identify key issues, to explore the relevant facts, found the key information and interview with them.

We can help customers to find holes in the witness testimony of the litigation and help the customers to find holes in the testimony of their own witnesses. We can also reveal suspicious points behind the numbers and discover and preserve relevant electronic evidence. In addition, we also familiar with the use of available legal remedies to track assets in the world.

The results of the investigation are very high, which is our advantage. We are familiar with the litigation environment in China, and have local knowledge and professional teams deployed across the country. This enables us to help clients solve the most sensitive and complex problems.

Case study: investigation of patent infringement
A professional technology company has filed a lawsuit against a former employee of the company and its newly established company for the two time, and hired Ao Zhi company to provide litigation support services. The evidence gathered by the company shows that the competitor violates a court order issued by the court, which prohibits the destruction and disposal of the material it owns. Aozhi"s professional team restored the original appearance of the material, submitted the affidavit to the court and supported the fact finding, and made forensic analysis of the recovered materials. On the basis of this decision, the federal court decided that the competitor violated the patent rights of its former employer, destroyed the evidence and violated the fair trade practice. The competitor"s company was ordered to disband, I also was given a 5 year ban into the industry.

Commercial dispute consultation
Solving complex business disputes takes a long time and a high cost. The company can provide professional business dispute advisory services to customers, including independent assessment of disputed facts and the quantification of potential financial losses.

Ao Zhi company provides a wide range of expert support services to customers, including services ranging from investigation to expert identification, which enables customers to concentrate on improving their main business. We are good at dealing with all kinds of business disputes faced by enterprises, including disputes with partners, disputes with suppliers, disputes with employees, Licensee and competitors. We have a strong professional team made up of investigators who are proficient in forensics, forensic accounting and intellectual property affairs, to find out the ins and outs of the controversial things for our customers.
We have dealt with business disputes in many industries and markets, accumulated rich experience and complete dispute resolution strategies, and have localized expertise, which can help customers to solve disputes best.

It is crucial to understand the truth as soon as possible. Experience shows that panic response to potential problems can damage the reputation of the organization, and even miss the opportunity to solve problems smoothly, resulting in low morale of employees and the spread of distrust. In our view, the formulation of investigation strategy is based on the accurate understanding of customer goals, whether it is court action, trade union negotiation, or employee dismissal or termination of business relationship. We use forensic analysis, investigate financial records, check computers and conduct extensive interviews to extract key facts, and use our global information network to collect information about cases, so as to find evidence.
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