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Introduction of service
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Introduction of service
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Introduction of service

Why do you choose the whole man network?
Global network coverage

Xingzhi strategy is employee background investigation and due diligence leading international market leader in providing service to resolve the risk identification and risk comprehensive. It has the ability to work in almost all countries and regions around the world, with an unrivalled regional advantage.

The legal and normative background report of the whole person network is compiled through ethical and non intrusive methods. We will not distort any facts when we carry out background checks. All data and information in the report are marked with provenance and annotation, which ensures that information is obtained through legal and ethical way, so there will be no illegal or illegal issues.

A uniquely consistent and effective workflow
Our work process makes our survey report not only fast, reliable, time to deliver, content specification and information quality outstanding, but also the scale of investigation is very flexible. The services we provide are not only excellent, but also cost-effective.

Short delivery time
Investigation report on strategy 3-5 working days Xingzhi background can be completed, some cases can be completed within 24 hours. Our unique workflow ensures the predictability, consistency and rapidity of delivery time.

Only use the internal investigation team
All our investigations were done by our internal investigative members. Because we didn"t need to rely on third parties, we ensured the consistency and high quality of the investigation report. At the same time, there was no risk of leakage of confidential data by the third party. The report team of the whole man network is led by experts from different fields.

Information comes from the public domain
The data in the report are from a variety of proven sources of data, including local and international media, regional and national regulators, and court records. We do not ask the respondents to prove themselves and verify the authenticity of the evidence provided by the respondents.

Proprietary database provision
We constantly update the database to form an important and unique part of our investigation process. We are different from other companies, not only because we have a high professional level, but also because our investigators have keen business sense and rich experience in industry. We are also constantly monitoring the emerging risks. Our database brings together thousands of data records from different sources around the world, which have preserved decades of historical data.

Excellent quality assurance
Our comprehensive quality control procedure ensures the highest standards of the survey report. The data provided in the report are clear, concise and easy to compare.

Cost benefit
Xingzhi strategy reports are carefully designed to address the specific requirements of each specific industry personnel and commitment to price transparency, cost-effective. Our standardized and competitive prices are adjusted according to the actual scope of investigation. We do not use the contractor, so there is no related cost to raise the price - the good price we negotiate is the cost that you should pay.

Turnover tracking: tracking management of employees who have quit competition
Management of the company after leaving, do not eliminate the company"s obligation of prohibition of business strife, for business turnover after similar business indeed during his tenure to contact and contact in the company, or indeed use during their working in the company"s position or influence, can recognize the violation of the duty of prohibition of business strife, the employee shall be to bear the corresponding liability. The whole man network will serve the enterprise to help enterprises determine whether employees have violated the prohibition of competition.

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