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What is the employee background survey?
Employee background survey refers to the process of verifying the authenticity of job seekers" personal resume information through a reasonable and lawful way. It is a way to verify and verify corresponding information such as entry conditions and competency provided by the recruits. It mainly investigates identity information, education experience, qualification certificate, work experience, crime record, labor dispute, financial problem and so on. Employee background survey is an important way to ensure the quality of recruitment. Making full use of the powerful management tool of background investigation can play a crucial role in recruitment.

Background in the developed countries, background investigation has long been recognized as a professional work in the field of HR. It is a necessary auxiliary tool for recruitment, and has also formed standardized professional ethics, moral norms and relatively mature operation system. With the improvement of China"s current business system, it is a common sense for people in the industry to conduct an ex situ investigation of the recruited personnel at the top and middle level, avoiding the improper use of personnel.

Why do enterprises want to do background investigation?
The background survey of pre employed employees, employees and business partners is an effective way to ensure the business interests and organization of your company. In order to ensure the highest level of corporate governance and meet the legal requirements of all parts of the world, it is necessary for all enterprises to carry out in-depth background investigation to their employees.

Uninformed potential risk
Managers of any enterprise do not know the use of any position"s employees or business partners. Their scope of influence is extremely far-reaching, and even extends to the legitimate survival of enterprises. People"s character will affect their life for a long time. If a company calls in a disguise of their real experience, the loss will far exceed the benefits it brings for your company, and even make you embroiled in lawsuits.

What is the solution?
The effectiveness of employee background investigation before hiring a candidate or establishing any business relationship is based on a thorough and in-depth assessment of employees" risk. To this end, we provide:
An ethical and non disturbing background survey report
Fast and comprehensive information in the public domain
The highest quality
Cover the necessary information about the scope of the global survey.

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Staff background survey
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