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What are the ways in which outsiders steal corporate trade secrets?
The main body that causes the disclosure of business secrets of enterprises is not only internal employees but also external personnel. Therefore, enterprises should adopt trade secret protection measures not only for internal employees, but also for external personnel may cause the disclosure of trade secrets to develop strict trade secret confidentiality measures. Common ways in which outsiders create trade secrets are:
(1) Buy the target enterprise employees, part-time staff, retired personnel. External criminals often promise superior conditions such as high salaries and senior positions to "poach" senior executives and technical personnel who have corporate trade secrets, or buy experimental data, design schemes and other business secrets from the above personnel by giving them heavy money.
(2) Obtain from a third party that has a cooperative relationship with the target enterprise. Lawyers, accountants, banks and customers who have business contacts and economic cooperation with enterprises usually possess many enterprises' technology and business information. In the case that no confidentiality agreement has been signed with the enterprises or the enterprises have insufficient evidence to prove that the above-mentioned objects bear the confidentiality obligation to the enterprises (they often do not bear the confidentiality obligation or it is difficult for the enterprises to prove that they have the confidentiality obligation), By obtaining the information of the enterprise in their hands, or by analyzing and dissecting the information related to the enterprise in their hands, some core business secrets of the enterprise can often be found.
(3) Use industrial espionage to obtain. An industrial spy is a person who spies on an enemy or competitor for classified information or sabotage in order to benefit the party he or she works for. Employing industrial spies, installing eavesdropping equipment on the phone and fax of the target enterprise, or collecting and stealing the documents of the enterprise to obtain the trade secrets of the target enterprise has become one of the fastest means for many enterprises, even companies with good international reputation to gain competitive advantage.
(4) Fake cooperation, merger and acquisition. In the process of falsely claiming to cooperate with the target enterprise, or falsely signing the purchase or sales contract, or falsely mergers and acquisitions, through visits, investigations, negotiations, negotiations, etc., the enterprise is required to issue relevant technical texts, business documents and other supporting documents, from which the enterprise's trade secret information is obtained.
In addition, the theft of secrets by outsiders may also take the form of obtaining the trade secret information of the target enterprise from the staff of the government, such as the industry and commerce, customs, local government and other departments by means of inducements. Or send their own unit of technical personnel to the target enterprise to do "undercover", so as to obtain the first-hand business secret information of the enterprise. In the face of the theft of secrets by outsiders, enterprises should not be careless, once found to have the above situation, should immediately take measures to prevent a wider range of leaks, and take legal weapons to protect their legitimate interests.
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