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Business anti-counterfeiting survey: How to choose anti-counterfeiting companies?
Commercial anti-counterfeiting is a problem that enterprises have to pay attention to nowadays. The protection of intellectual property rights in China is constantly improving, while there are many enterprises chasing profits, trademark counterfeiting and patent infringement are still the mainstream phenomenon in the market, and targeted commercial anti-counterfeiting investigations by enterprises have become a normal situation. But how do companies conduct anti-counterfeiting investigations? How to choose an external anti-counterfeiting company?
As a member of a commercial investigation company, we belong to the investigation department of a law firm, but our main work is the same or similar to that of a commercial investigation company, except that our main direction is to serve the cases that our lawyers have taken over, mainly providing lawyers with evidence investigation and other cooperation work; At the same time, we also accept direct external entrustment, because evidence investigation is before legal proceedings, many parties decide whether to Sue according to the degree of evidence acquisition; Therefore, our accumulated experience will be more with external business survey companies; We are particularly good at business investigation, because we pay more attention to intellectual property infringement investigation and other aspects. At the same time, we specialize in solving difficult and workload cases such as trade secret infringement investigation. So, we only use our handling experience to tell how to conduct commercial anti-counterfeiting investigations?
Commercial anti-counterfeiting investigation is mainly to fix the evidence of infringement facts, and at the same time to carry out litigation rights according to different infringement situations; In the whole process of intellectual property rights protection, intellectual property law and intellectual property lawyers are two indispensable roles. How to investigate counterfeit phenomenon more effectively and completely and fix legal evidence, whether it is administrative punishment or criminal proceedings, the professionalism of the whole process is full of them, which is also the first concern factor for enterprises to choose anti-counterfeit companies; How to measure professionalism effectively? This can be judged from the basic team building, equipped with professional intellectual property lawyers and senior business investigators can be said to be a complete team, next will enter the other evaluation clues;
Perception of evidence is the second factor companies should pay attention to; Correct grasp of evidence requirements is the direct factor to ensure that enterprises in the conduct of business investigation; It can be said that there are many survey companies, but not many actually handle business surveys; As a research company that integrates various advantages and conditions, we can better provide legal protection for customers;
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