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If the enterprise trademark encounters infringement, it should actively launch the trademark defense war
Trademark is the lifeline of a brand and an enterprise, if there is infringement, it will often bring disaster to the enterprise. In the face of various infringement chaos in the market, as a responsible chemical enterprise, China-Arab company uses legal weapons to protect its rights, not only to stop the counterfeiters in the product trademark, corporate name and other aspects of the infringement, but also to force the infringement party to change its corporate name, so that their rights and interests have been protected to the maximum extent.
The creation and growth of a brand often takes decades or even hundreds of years of hard work, in this sense, the brand is the most valuable wealth of the enterprise. Essa Candler, founder of the Coca-Cola Company, once said, "If all the property of the Coca-Cola Company were to suddenly burn today, and as long as I owned the name 'Coca-Cola', I can say with certainty that six months from now, there would be a new Coca-Cola Company in the market, exactly the same size as today." It can be seen that the brand is the life of the enterprise.
In developed countries, at least 5 years before a trademark is put into the market, all the planning and protection measures have been done, including the naming of the trademark name, the preliminary inquiry and registration, the market target to be released, the production and management of the logo, the signing of the license contract, the collection of license fees and a series of trademark strategies. And some of our domestic enterprises, especially chemical enterprises, lack a correct understanding of the trademark, the lack of continuous development of the concept, so that many well-known enterprises often encounter the problem of counterfeit products, to the credibility of the enterprise has brought serious damage, but also damage the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of consumers. In fact, it can be said that the protection of intellectual property rights is not only to protect enterprises, but also to protect consumers and market order.
A trademark is an intangible asset of an enterprise, which has its own value. Its value is the sum of the economic benefits brought by the trademark itself to the product and the funds invested by the enterprise to cultivate and protect the trademark. Trademark is an effective protection for the quality and reputation of enterprise products, and reflects a good brand image. A trademark can save a factory, and a case can drive the awakening of the brand awareness of many chemical enterprises. I hope that the example of Chinese and Arab companies launching trademark protection battles will wake up more enterprises to protect their own trademarks.
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