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Provide a full range of competitor intelligence analysis of high-end services
The main content of competitor investigation
Including the target enterprise registration status and enterprise profile, product structure, production status, marketing strategy, price and sales channels, human resources, financial status, raw material purchase price and cost status. According to the specific requirements of customers, our investigation team can not only implement a comprehensive annual survey for the target enterprise, but also implement monthly/quarterly monitoring for the target enterprise. It is described in words as:
1) Competitor survey content: Overview of competitor enterprises
Basic information: registration, corporate background, shareholders, internal organizational structure, coordination mode; Human resources (quantity, structure, size and composition), staff take-home pay (amount granted) and structure; Information of subsidiaries or related companies; Total fixed assets and investment; Machinery and equipment condition; Inventory (raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products); Product name; Whether it has its own patented products; Quality control system; Short and medium/long term development strategic objectives, important strategic orientation and current problems/solutions;
(2) Competitor investigation content: competitor's products and production status
Product range, product structure, the main use of the product, the auxiliary use of the product, the advantages and disadvantages of the product, the quality certification of the product, the price of the product, the output of the main product (month/year), the change (improvement) of the product in the past three years; Production lines and production capacity, technology introduction and adoption of new technologies, new product research and development, major raw material suppliers, major raw material price changes bearing capacity, product packaging, product transportation (logistics);
(3) Competitor investigation contents: financial status of competitor enterprises
Investigate the basic financial system of the competitor enterprise, the organizational structure of the company's financial department, the position of the financial department in the company, the introduction of the main person in charge of the financial department, the introduction of the human resources of the financial department, the company's cost accounting system, the company's payment settlement system, the company's financial status in the past three years, the balance sheet (income statement), the company's financial status analysis, ratio analysis, and trend analysis Comparison with the same industry);
(4) Content of competitor investigation: marketing of competitor enterprises
Sales organization and human resources; Main sales region and market performance in that region; Product sales, sales channels and price analysis; Main distributors (agents), marketing strategies, promotion strategies; Product advertising strategy, placement situation, product after-sales service status
After summary, our company will provide customers with detailed competitor survey reports, which contain different in-depth surveys according to the customer's preferred points, the reports provided are standard competitor survey reports, competitor financial survey reports, competitor credit survey reports, competitor in-depth survey reports, etc.
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