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How can enterprises manage employee risk more effectively?
Employee risk investigation is mainly for the investigation of enterprise employees, including employee background investigation, commercial espionage investigation, employee theft investigation, employee disclosure of trade secrets investigation and other behaviors; It is an important aspect of enterprise management and legal risk control.
Employee risk investigation refers to a service project in which a third-party independent investigation agency is entrusted to the employer to conduct investigation and analysis of relevant information of current employees, employees awaiting employment and employees who have left the company. It can be called the employee background investigation, and the employee background investigation can be divided into three kinds: pre-employment investigation, on-the-job investigation and exit investigation.
Many companies have similar needs when recruiting, because they also realize the importance of trade secrets, in many high-tech companies, this need is more urgent. At the same time, the frequent activities of commercial spies have also brought great pressure to enterprises, and the cases of employees leaking business secrets have been increasing. At the same time, once the violation and disclosure of trade secrets occur, it is relatively fatal to the fate of enterprises; Therefore, the risk investigation and background investigation of employees are very important. And how to do a good job of employee survey this link?
With reference to our years of business investigation experience, we believe that: when selecting an employee background investigation agency, enterprises should better cooperate with the work content of lawyers, grasp the first line of clues legally and effectively, and grasp the truth; At the same time, legal advisers are hired to control corporate legal risks, so that they can better cope with risks once they occur.

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