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We must think twice before we act to fight counterfeiting and protect our rights

If you find someone is using your trademark fraudulently, you must think of these three things before you crack down on counterfeits:

If our trademark has not been registered for a long time and the infringing party is a big company, we should ask the big company to help us publicize the brand and play the market. After considering whether to Sue or cooperate, we should choose the right time to deal with it.

The scale of the company is relatively large, especially the franchising enterprises. Once it is found that someone is counterfeiting the trademark, it is necessary to crack down on the counterfeiting as soon as possible and protect the rights, but also to carry out a comprehensive campaign to avoid affecting the brand reputation and brand positioning.

If our trademark has not been used, or there is a suspicion of stealing someone else's trademark, then the focus is not to fight counterfeiting, but to keep our own trademark, and then consider suing, cooperating with the other party, or operating the trademark by ourselves, etc.

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We must think twice before we act to fight counterfeiting and protect our rights
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